The Economic Alliance represents 18 cities and communities in the Houston Ship Channel region who each have their own economic development programs.  We act as a facilitator for incentive discussions between these communities and site selectors, brokers, industry members, and prospective developers.  The information presented below represents a very broad and generalized sampling of the types of incentives that may be available for a proposed project.

Because not every project is eligible for every incentive and the layers of incentives can get pretty complex, we highly encourage you to set up an appointment with us to discuss your specific project needs so that we can make the most advantageous assessment and recommendation.


Local incentives are exactly what they sound like- incentives offered at the local level.  The layers of government begin with the municipality and extend to the school district and county that the property in question resides in.

Depending on the location you are considering development in, there may also be special tax districts such as Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ). Below is a list of possible local incentives that a given development may be eligible for.  We are happy to discuss these in detail in person or over the phone.

Chapter 380 Agreement

Chapter 381 Agreement

Chapter 313 Agreement

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone

Tax Abatement

Industrial District Agreement


State incentives are offered by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and the Economic Alliance has a very good working relationship with our region’s economic development representative for the Governor.

Unlike local incentives, state incentives may require a longer lead time before approval can be granted and project requirements for incentive eligibility are more specific than they may be at the local level.  State incentives are often used to entice corporate relocations or major capital investment that would otherwise be happening elsewhere.  Below is a list of state incentives that may be available for a given project.

Texas Enterprise Fund

Texas Enterprise Zone

Freeport Tax Exemption

Skills Development Funds


The primary federal incentive that we work with here at the Economic Alliance is the foreign trade zone. The Port of Houston Authority has maintained and promoted Foreign Trade Zone no. 84 (FTZ #84) since its inception in 1983. FTZ #84 includes multiple sites throughout the Harris County area and various public facilities, including liquid bulk storage and blending, pipe and steel storage and processing, automobile storage, general purpose warehousing, and business parks with building space and land for sale or lease.  FTZ #84 is one of the most successful in the country.

Foreign Trade Zone

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